Adventure Racing & Orienteering
I began adventure racing back in 2000 but didn't get more involved and serious about the sport until 2003. This sport is wonderful because so many disciplines are wrapped up into one event: cycling, paddling, navigation, trekking, ropes, etc ... Since moving out West, however, serious competition and fees have kept me distant from the races.
BAAR Brawl (Marin County, CA): February 5, 2005
Shooting Star Adventures Snowshoe-O (South Lake Tahoe, CA): January 29, 2005
BAOC Ski-O (Burton Creek, Tahoe City, CA): January 23, 2005
Mountain Biking (Santa Monica Mountains, CA): October 31, 2004
24 Hours on the Move (West Lafayette, IN): February 28-29, 2004
POCAR (Morgan Monroe State Forest, IN): January 17-19, 2004
ICO Camp Ransburg (Bloomington, IN): December 13, 2003
ICO Camp Belzer (Indianapolis, IN): November 23, 2003
ICO Eagle Creek Park (East) Eclipse-O! (Indianapolis, IN): November 8, 2003
American Bushwhacking Club's Fall Sprint AR (Dillon State Park, OH): October 19, 2003
ICO Eagle Creek Park (West) (Indianapolis, IN): September 13, 2003
Mission on the Muscatatuck (Muscatatuck State Park, Vernon, IN): July 12, 2003
24 Hours on the Move (West Lafayette, IN): December 7-8, 2002
POCAR (Hoosier National Forest, IN): January 19-21, 2001