Since 2002-ish I've turned into an active cyclist -- both roadie and mountain bike. I've slowly been building my "California legs" as the rolling "hills" out here really keep me working hard. When not on my roadie I'm on the trails at Fort Ord.
I keep my eye on the comics in the papers and on the web and archive the cutest and funniest ones.
I learned how to knit January 2004. It took me a little bit to really catch on and be completely interested. But before long, I found myself knitting nearly any moment I wasn't at work or sleeping. I've really had a lot of fun and have come upwith many interesting and exciting projects.
Now and again I get ideas in my head that I mull over for quite some time. Most of the time they leave as quietly as they came. Other times, they fester in my head and get more complicated and convoluted. I've found the best way to keep them sorted is to write them down. So here, I share with you my musings ...
When I bought my Nikon SLR in ~1998 I decided to start an on-going project of colors. That is, to capture a color of the spectrum in many different shades and textures, as they appear in nature. Some colors, namely brown and green, appear more prevalently than others. I've got my favorites on display here: Project

Another project I've embarked upon is photographing ocean waves. I love the dynamism of ocean waves as they crash into the rocky shore and have tried to capture that in my collection of Wave Pictures!

In November 2008 I participated in "26Things" where you take a picture of a different designated "thing" through the month. You can see my 26 things here.
I actively read quotations stated by famous people or by anyone who says something that catches my interest. I record those that hit home: Sorted by topic | Sorted by Author
Lately I've turned into a reading nut. When not doing any of the other activities mentioned on this page, I find myself reading. The latest books I've read can be found here: Book List
 Storm Chasing
I have been involved in storm chasing since May 1997. It is a great way to learn a tremendous amount of information about severe storms while having a great time exploring the country.
 Web Design
Back in 1998 I was bit by the web bug. I attended a very short and extremely basic html introduction seminar while an undergraduate student at Miami and thought I'd take a shot at my own webpage. My webpage has come a long way through the years and will continue to morph and improve as long as I have the time and desire (I suspect the time will be harder to come by than will be the desire!).