29 Jan, 2019
I had grand plans for things I could get done during what ended up being a 35 day partial government shutdown (#TrumpShutdown), but I was put on excepted status and worked for 3 of the 5 weeks. The first 2 weeks were all tied up in family and Holidays activities. So needless to say, my list of things to get done is largely untouched.

However, after the fact, I just got around to updating some of my colors photo project with a new brown and two new blues! The new brown is from Raleigh-Durham, NC. And the new blue ones are from Lake Tahoe, CA and from Whitefish, MT.
26 Jul, 2018
It hadn't rained much for a while in our backyard. For a stretch of 17 days only 0.59" of rain fell. Then it rained over a half-inch on July 23rd and the tipping bucket rain gauge in my weather station recorded none of it. I thought maybe the bottom of the collection funnel was plugged and if it was I'd find a puddle of standing water in the funnel. But upon looking into it the next day, the funnel was bone dry. I disassembled the rain gauge from the rest of the unit. There was a little bit of sludge/pollen/dirt collected in the cup and one seemingly diminutive spider web. I cleaned off the web and wiped out the cup. I reattached the rain gauge and then poured a little bit of water down the funnel. I could hear the tipping mechanism working and sure enough the fake rain registered in the data logger. Further validation occurred overnight when it rained an additional 0.11". I never would have thought a small unsuspecting spider web would wreak havoc on my tipping bucket rain gauge. Spiders - love 'em and hate 'em!