September, 2000 - Buckner's Cave
Eric Sardeson, me, Frederique Grim, Dan Dawson, photographer: Joe Grim
Dan Dawson, Eric Sardeson, me, Frederique Grim, photographer: Joe Grim

 April, 2001 - River Cave (South Central Indiana)
river cave
river cave
We did not traverse River Cave simply because we did not have a boat or wet suits with us! Evidently, the water gets as deep as 10' and swimming is required (if without a boat)!

 April, 2001 - Endless Cave (South Central Indiana)
At the entrance: Jason Giovannettone, Joe Grim, Frederique Grim, Dan Dawson, Mike King
This was the trickiest (yet funnest) part of the cave. Mike and I were "successful" in making our way down the 15', nearly vertical slide, but after viewing the descent and how wet I was, Jason, Joe, and the others opted for an alternative way down!
Anybody thirsty?! This waterfall at the mouth of the cave was a very welcoming opportunity for us to "clean up" after the fun adventures. (Me, Jason, Frederique, Mike, Dan)
On the way out of the wet, wet cave!

 November, 2001 - Wayne's Cave
 February, 2002 - Gory Hole Pit Cave
 September, 2002 - Shiloh Cave
The Tyrannosaurus Rex mouth formation!
This cave has some really beautiful formations

 September, 2002 - Jug Hole Cave
Preparing for the rap into the "hole."